Our cases

Dynamic pricing & markdown optimization

ADIDAS / Retail

For Adidas, we built a global price recommendation engine that improved revenue and margins by up to 10%. Learn more about our approach, typical challenges, and expected results for dynamic pricing solutions.

The data-infrastructure to power the future

Bloss / Marketplace

The right data-infrastructure will boost your organisation’s efficiency in every consecutive step: reporting, insight analysis, and machine learning. We consult on state-of-the-art infrastructure and implement industry leading solutions. Learn how Bloss in invested in a bright (data) future.

Setting up a world-class data science team

Orderchamp / Wholesale

We helped Orderchamp to translate their short and medium-term business needs into a solid roadmap and to build a world-class data science team to exectue it. Learn how we can help your organization in kickstarting a successful data science team.