The data-infrastructure to power the future

Bloss is a marketplace for parenting experts and an early-stage startup. Their founder and CEO, Stephanie Desmond, deeply believes in the value of data and set out to instil data-driven decision making into her company’s DNA. We supported Bloss in identifying their data needs and key metrics, and built a warehouse that unifies all their data in one place.

The case

Bloss — an ecosystem of user-rated, professional experts who parents and parents-to-be can now easily connect with — was looking to establish their data foundations. The main goal was to enable tracking of their users to learn more about their preferences and engagement on the platform. Additionally, Stephanie – the founder – wanted to seize the opportunity and establish strong data foundations early on and deeply embed data into Bloss’s DNA by providing high-quality data from the get-go.

Our solution

We started the project with a workshop to clearly define Bloss’s data needs in the next 3, 6, and 12 months. This helped us to guarantee immediate results while setting the course for the future. With the workshop we had a clear picture of the main insights needed, the corresponding metrics, and the data we needed to track. We defined and built:

  • Key metrics to operate the marketplace, like GMV, signups, and MAU/WAU
  • Mid-term performance insights for investor conversations, like MRR, cohort behavior, and acquisition costs
  • Data warehouse to support the above metrics, and any insights to develop a deeper understanding
  • Dashboards to track key performance metrics on a daily and weekly basis

Bloss is utilizing a variety of tools to operate their business. This poses a challenge for data warehousing as data comes from various sources and needs to be collected and standardized.

We used Airbyte and DBT to gather and normalize the data. Airbyte is an open source tool that allows us to easily ingest data from API calls. Most modern apps allow their data to be accessed through an API allowing us to bring all of Bloss’ data into one place.

DBT helps us to build the final warehouse tables. It’s integrated with GIT and therefore creates a full track record of changes made to the tables. Together with the integrated documentation functionality, lineage tracer and automatic data quality checks, it gives full control over ones data.


ACMetric has helped us to build a state of the art data warehouse with a variety of different data sources. We went from jumping between 5 tools and no possibility to match data, to a fully-integrated well-documented warehouse.

Through a detailed strategy workshop and their support in defining our key metrics, we now have deep insights into all aspects of our operations. A dashboard to monitor performance, and answer basic questions as well as a warehouse to power any type of analysis.
ACMetric is a great partner. They consulted us closely at every step along the way and reliably delivered excellent results. A great partner for anything data.

— Stephanie Desmond, CEO Bloss

The impact

Bloss now has an integrated view of all its data and a set of metrics to monitor business performance and understand customers. Now the team can fully focus on fine-tuning their product-market-fit without having to think about tracking. They can immediately understand their business performance and their customers’ behavior on the platform.

Last but not least, by providing high-quality data within the first year of funding the company promotes data-driven decision making with all future employees.