webinar #2

Learn How to Minimize Experiments' Runtime Using State-of-the-Art Statistical Techniques

webinar #2

Building the ability to detect small differences in revenue


How to design your experiment and measurement to minimize experiment runtime when aiming to detect small uplifts in revenue?

Developing an experimentation mindset only works when you can make decisions quickly. Your design workflow including sampling and randomization methodologies are key. With a proper setup, you can use state-of-the-art statistical methods to measure small uplifts in record time.

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Thursday, 11.01.2024
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Main topics & what you’ll learn:

speaker #1
Joël Gastelaars
Data Science Manager at acmetric | ex-Accenture
Joël works on the edge of Business Strategy and Data Science. He focuses on converting business challenges into scalable data (science) solutions to create tangible value for our clients.
speaker #2
Dr. Christian Nauerz
Partner at acmetric | ex-Uber

Dr. Christian Nauerz, an expert in data-driven solutions, collaborates with executives and founders to unlock business potential using data, machine learning, and AI, delivering tangible real-world impact.

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