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Learn how to measure and monitor the impact of new pricing strategies

Are you implementing new pricing capabilities or fine-tuning existing strategies? Here's a reliable way to confirm their effectiveness.

Our series of webinars offers revenue management practitioners and data science teams practical knowledge on setting up and running advanced experiments in the complex and competitive environment of the airline industry. 

In the live sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to directly address your questions and assess how this approach aligns with your current situation.

Using real industry examples, you’ll see how airlines can significantly improve the runtime and robustness of their experimentation efforts.

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webinar #1 | 05/12/2023
@ 16:00 PM CET (Europe) | 10:00 AM EST (US)

Enhance Your Testing and Evaluation Capabilities with Advanced Experimentation

Learn how to run robust ­experiments in Airlines Revenue Management where simple A/B tests don’t work 

webinar #2 | 12/12/2023
@ 16:00 PM CET (Europe) | 10:00 AM EST (US)

Minimizing experiment runtime with state-of-the-art ­statistical techniques

Learn how to streamline your experiment to minimize runtime when aiming to detect small uplifts in revenue.

webinar #3 | 19/12/2023
@ 16:00 PM CET (Europe) | 10:00 AM EST (US)

Enable faster decision-making with continuous experiments monitoring

Learn how to enable early decision-making to scale up or stop your experiments in record time with controlled risks.


Step by step

How to setup and run robust ­experiments in complex and competitive ­environment

webinar #1

How to minimize experiment runtime with state-of-the-art ­statistical techniques

webinar #2

How to enable faster decision-making with continuous experimentation monitoring

webinar #3