Advanced Impact Measurement & Experimentation for Airlines’ Revenue Management teams

Managing risk of your strategic and tactical pricing decisions

Are you adopting new continuous or dynamic pricing capabilities, or fine tuning existing pricing strategies? Discover a reliable, scientific method to quickly assess their impact.

The stakes: What’s the risk of not measuring?

Without precise measurement of RM decisions, even a small pricing error can result in significant revenue loss. Imagine leaving millions or even billions on the table due to lack of insights.

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Measuring 6% uplift might be easy.
But what about 1%?

Recognizing the effectiveness of strategies that deliver a remarkable +6% boost in revenue is often a breeze, and experimentation might be unnecessary. However, the story shifts when we’re working with more modest gains of 0.1-1%.

Our approach: Detecting 
small differences with certainty

  • Standardized process to ensure all experiments uphold our standards
  • Calculate runtime to rule out conclusion made by chance
  • Automated stratification, sampling and route selection
  • Ability to continuously monitor results and decide if success is reached earlier

  • Cross-check additional metrics to ensure we’re not causing harm, e.g. average fare price
  • Making more reliable decisions by taking into account the experiments’ uncertainty

  • Statistical machinery to significantly improve the experiment runtime

One of these techniques is called CUPED and used by

Why & how measurement makes a difference

Why partner with acmetric

Proven Track Record:

Successfully implemented measurement frameworks for industry leaders like LATAM airlines and Uber. Experience with high-impact projects like dynamic pricing solutions for adidas, impacting EUR 300 million in GMV yearly.

Expertise in Large-Scale Experimentation:

Deep understanding of both the theoretical 
and operational aspects of building large-scale experimentation capabilities, tailored to the 
unique needs of airlines

Network of Industry Experts:

Access to a strong network of experts in aviation and data science, including thought leaders responsible for digital transformation at major companies.

Knowledge Transfer:

Extensive experience in teaching and successfully transferring knowledge to client-side teams, ensuring that clients acquire and retains new capabilities.

Our five steps to success

We like to start with a quick POC to show feasibility and value. 
From there roll out to similar experiments and eventually capture all 
the relevant setups, and train the team to operate independently.

Understand the Business Context

Understand the specifics of the market and airline.

Data Access & Data Evaluation

Get access to the data and adapt to any particularities in the data.

Design POC Experiment

Pick an experiment as a POC and show feasibility & value.

Automate “same type” XPs

Automate the POC experiment so that same types can be run be the team.

Scale up & knowledge transfer

Scale to other relevant experiment types and train the team.

Schedule a strategy call

The way you run experiments and measure the impact of your pricing decisions will never by the same