Turning data into your superpower

acmetric is a data (science) strategy consulting agency with proven capabilities to execute and deliver tangible business results.

Strategy, science, and technology

Our approach combines a keen understanding of both strategy and science. We believe that AI is not a strategy in and of itself, but rather a tool that can be used to achieve strategic objectives.

That’s why we take the time to understand your organization’s goals and align our initiatives with them.

At the same time, we recognize that the science behind AI is complex and constantly evolving. That’s why we bring a deep methodological understanding to our work. 


Data transformation across all levels


We dream big and show how data/ AI/ ML will transform your business and industry


We translate your business’ objectives into data/ AI/ ML applications


We find the best technology for a given problem and build an MVP with immediate value

From ideation to global scale


Within days, we evaluate if an idea is feasible.

Benefit from our experience and skip the trying step.


New projects need to prove their economic impact quickly.

We build prototypes within weeks to help you validate your ideas.


You need to be able to trust your models.

Our team ensures that your models are monitored and run smoothly.


Once proven successful, the project needs scaling across the organization.

We handle the technical side, but also handle the project management.


Finally, we ensure a smooth transition and enable your data or engineering teams to take over.

And we’re on to the next one.


With tangible results...

AI-Driven Pricing

A data-driven pricing strategy

A data driven pricing solution pays off long before its full implementation. We deliver a significant boost in profit margins for our clients, with a 5% increase typically seen within the initial 3-5 months of working together. Elasticity measurements and forecasts seamlessly integrate with existing price decision-making processes:

  • Boost margins and revenue up to 10%
  • Optimize prices leveraging science that understands buyer’s willingness-to-pay for thousands of your SKUs 
  • Harmonize price strategies across all sales channels and geographies
  • Achieve price governance and visibility

Next Generation Marketing (Media) Mix Modelling

KNow what 50% of your marketing is effective

Utilizing advanced statistical analysis methods, marketing mix modeling (MMM)  helps digital marketers to establish connections between their specific strategy and elements with tangible numbers like sales goals and customer retention. But in an even larger sense, MMM can help your marketing team define ROI.

  • Analyzing marketing spend and budgets to get the most out of every dollar, considering the non-linear relationship between advertising and sales; 
  • Establish accurate forecasting for future marketing strategies
  • Uncovers hidden or ignored causation that the company could use to improve the ROI 

Science-Based Management

A measurement platform for INITIATIVES & Projects

Estimating and measuring the impact of projects is the cornerstone of a scientific approach to management. It removes the ambiguity from project prioritization considerations and allows treating projects like a portfolio of investments that can be ranked by a risk/return ratio.

  • Support you project prioritization decisions by leveraging scientific data-driven methodology
  • Build a portfolio of initiatives and compare expectations with realized impact
  • Understand the effect of projects independently of market conditions, competitors’ actions, and advertising campaigns
  • Uncover not obvious relationship between downstream metrics like CSAT, conversion, and NPS and revenue
  • Speed-up experimentations with quasi-experimental designs where RCT is difficult or not possible to apply

Data Foundations

A Platform to power your business

Our comprehensive approach includes crafting a bespoke data strategy, encompassing both vision and design, to align with each organization’s unique business goals. To ensure a sustainable data ecosystem, we also provide guidance on data governance and platform selection, tailored to promote efficiency, security, and compliance.

  • Data Strategy: vision & design
  • Data Governance & Platforms
  • Data Factories: people, methodologies & technologies


Meet the team

We’re a mix of industry experts and researchers who love generating value in the intersection of business, math, and data.

We’re an international group of data geeks with 6 different nationalities in our small team. We mostly live on coffee and can often be met for lunch at Little Collins or Spaghetteria in Amsterdam. We have a laid-back tech culture but high demands on our work and communication. Swing by in Amsterdam and we happily show you some more of our favourite places.

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